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Unlike any other sporting goods store within 150 miles, Jim and Rick will actually give ya’ the latest ‘factual’ information, whether you’re bow hunting or going after trout from the Robinson, to the Twin Lakes, to Virginia Lakes or the infamous Walker River… and beyond!

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Link to our downloadable camping checklist spreadsheet.Today I just wanted to touch on the question, ‘Why have a printable checklist for camping?’. Imagine that you’ve driven 300 miles from home to your favorite campsite. It’s the next morning and your wife just got out of the shower and wants to use the blow dryer and curling iron.

You really want that first cup of fresh drip brewed coffee and the bacon needs thawing out in the microwave. It’s time to start the generator and take advantage of the coffee maker, the microwave and Mama’s hair tools.


But wait, you can’t seem to find the gas can to fill up the generator with, but then again, where’s the generator! Need I say more?

Preparation Can Be Stressful


Preparing for a memorable camping and fishing trip can often be very stressful when you get down to the last few days before leaving home. Those last few nights can be very long and late. Those last few days can start awfully early and be filled to the rim with angst and frustration.A link to our downloadable camping checklist spreadsheet.

Right from the beginning of our camping together, my sweetheart made our RV camping checklist printable so that we can have a few of these lists laying around to remind both of us what our duties are for preparation for the trips. Once we’ve both checked off the majority of each of our lists, we’ll combine them and then use a marker to highlight the remaining unchecked items.

Efficiency Eliminates Frustration


The use of a well developed and updated checklist allows us to get things done effectively and efficiently. Very seldom is there frustration with the process of preparing to leave on a trip.

Nights are fairly calm with confidence that nothing has been overlooked or forgotten and the days are full of completed tasks. The morning that we leave, we always pull out of the driveway knowing without a doubt that the key elements needed for an awesome, memorable trip are safely packed and will be ready for us when we pull in to our site by the creek.

One of Your Greatest Tools


Image of a red tool box.Again, a well detailed checklist is one of your greatest tools in your camping tool box. If you need a printable and downloadable checklist just visit our Camping Checklist page and if you need anything else, please just leave us a comment! Hope this gave you some great hints and tips for your next trip!

By R.C. Stude



  1. dave

    Thank for the great gear checklist reminder. I have been in that situation where I got out to my favorite fishing spot only to realize that I didn’t have my fly box with me. I have moved over to an iphone app gear list now. It helps me to keep it handy and update the list as I need to add new gear. Our goal after all is to get away from the stress? I think a little extra work planning helps us get there.

    • Randy

      Hey there Dave, I sure do appreciate ya’ chiming in here. Yah, we’ve done the same thing… didn’t take long to come up with a checklist to make sure it didn’t happen again. I like your idea of using your iphone to keep one handy and easily updated. One thing about it… it really does relieve the stress level a lot. Thanks again Dave, sure do appreciate it!

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