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Unlike any other sporting goods store within 150 miles, Jim and Rick will actually give ya’ the latest ‘factual’ information, whether you’re bow hunting or going after trout from the Robinson, to the Twin Lakes, to Virginia Lakes or the infamous Walker River… and beyond!

Ken’s Sporting Goods is indeed the Gateway to the Walker River, and much, much more!

Videos and Such


Sometimes I can grasp a lot more information if there are visual tools to prod me along and so I thought I’d include some YouTube camping videos to help those of you that are a bit like me. In a series of short videos; “Camping Items, Tips and Hints”, the first video is a view of a pretty basic setup for us. Often when we are camping up on Robinson Creek among the Bridgeport campgrounds Ca., we’ll be walking through the different campgrounds and see a site that we like better than our current one. So, we keep our campsite setups pretty basic so that it can be picked up and moved fairly effortlessly.

This next video is about some of the items that you’ll see packed in the back of our pickup on a short trip where, more than likely, we are going to a campground with hookups. Later, we’ll see a video showing the pickup packed for a longer, “dry” camping trip. Hopefully we’ll have some great RV camping tips for ya’! “Dry” refers to camping trips where electrical hook ups are non-existent, water supplies may be minimal to none and restrooms are probably pretty limited and can be non-existent.

Most trailers and RV’s have a storage area to stow various pieces of equipment and accessories. This video shows you what we normally carry in our pass-through storage located in the front area of our trailer. This area also has an access area from under our bed.

It was really tough capturing this next video simply due to the fact that I really don’t care for the beach. Give me mountains, pines, pristine lakes and trout stuffed, swirling streams. However, we had some great friends waiting for us there, actually some of our regular camping buddies and hanging out with them was well worth dealing with the sand and grit!

This particular camping location is one of several inexpensive ways to camp and yet is fairly lessor known of California beach camping areas. Be sure and let me know if ya’ need more information about this cool place for camping.

Here’s some great information for ya’ on one of the most important pieces of equipment that we’ve ever purchased for camping away from hookups. Hope ya’ enjoy the info about maintaining it. Ya’ just gotta love this Yamaha… there’s just nothing like it!!!

While we were camping around 8900 ft. elevation with some pretty chilly nights and early mornings, our portable Mr. Heater started acting up on us and a short time later I took it apart and figured out how to do a quick repair on the “Low Oxygen” sensor. I also discovered that the On/Off switch for the fan had quit working and just found one at my local RV service center for under $4. If you have any questions on this, please just leave us a message!

This is the Renogy 100 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel and is a must have for those that love camping away from the conveniences of electrical hookups. Just go ahead… run that stereo, run them lights! You’re going to love this awesome piece of equipment!

One of the consistent issues that we face as we enjoy the many seasons of camping and fishing is the task of dumping, cleaning and maintaining the holding tanks in our camping and RV’ing units. This video gives a quick look at our way of handling these tasks and the equipment that we prefer to use.

Much of our time camping is to the tune of boon docking which means that when the fresh water runs low we need to replace it. And sometimes the water supply can be more than your hose length away. Up until this past summer I had always used 6 gallon containers to tote water from the spigot to the trailer. But now we’ve got just the ticket for this task. Watch this video on the 45 Gallon Folding Water Tank and let me know what you think. I’d appreciate it!

Some fishermen wear shorts and tennis shoes. Some fishermen wear waders. And then there are that special breed of fishermen that bring something totally unique to the creek…

Wait for it… wait for it…

And finally… she shoots… and she scores!!!

Lurkers, Torpedos and My Girl… the saga continues…

Have you ever had a close encounter with a bear leaving you asking yourself the question… I wonder, do bears climb trees? Recently my Kaylee girl and I did have one of those encounters and as I turned to run I starting wondering about this myself.

If you use a CPAP machine and you’ve wanted to go camping but weren’t sure if your RV or trailer could handle it, please check out this video. You’ll be surprised how easy and inexpensive it can be. Watch this video before you spend money on battery packs and portable CPAP machines!

For years I have wanted to learn how to fillet a Rainbow trout and avoid all those annoying bones no matter how small or crunchy they may be after cooking. Over the last few years having watched different videos on YouTube I’ve annihilated trout after trout trying to figure this ‘filleting’ thing out. Finally a guy camping next to us at Paha Campground this year came to my rescue and this resulting video now has me filleting trout like there’s no tomorrow. My special thanks to Rod Bunn at for walking me through the process till I got it right through this simple video!

A few camping and fishing seasons ago my sweetheart and I bought a generator with a little less footprint and a little less weight to it. After running it through some stringent usage I thought it was about time to do a little review on it and then add in some maintenance hints and tips on this great little Smarter Tools AP2000iQ Inverter Generator.

Now that the gravel is laid and the gate is made it’s time to figure out how to get an RV up and across the curb onto the lawn and back behind the gate into our new found RV parking beside our house! And with these heavy duty 30 ton capacity it only took around 4 minutes from street to parking space!

Here is proof that Camp Valley does produce an Instant Setup Tent that can actually be setup in right around a minute. This tent comes with a rainfly, a room divider, an extra side door and enough room for two queen sized air mattresses. More great features are available… so check it out here!!!

Our newest addition has arrived and here’s a review on it from an owner’s perspective. We searched high and low on the internet for something like this and couldn’t find one so we thought we’d put one together to make it easier for the next folks looking for information on a 2016 Jayco Alante 31V.


By R.C. Stude

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  1. Bryan

    Hey Randy,
    Im curious where the so cal beach campground is and how I can book it? Also any other little known gem campgrounds on the beach in CA.

    • Randy

      Ey there Bryan, I’ll shoot ya’ the info on Red Beach in a few minutes. They haven’t been opening it much this year… new game warden and a few other security issues. Seems like they’re tightening up camp Pendleton quite a bit.

      Another one we like is Pismo State Beach North Campground. You can walk through the dunes out to the beach and then it’s a 5 to 10 minute walk to the town of Pismo Beach… Mo’s Smokehouse and Splash for awesome chowder.

      Up the 101 and 25 miles south of Carmel Heights in Big Sur are and … we like all three of these but Big Sur Campground can get a little muddy in the wintertime. These last three are good all year around but they’re still about a mile off the beach.

      I’ll forward ya’ an email with all of the Red Beach info in it! Thank ya’ Bryan… sure appreciate ya’ asking!


  2. Maricar Berry

    I saw your video on youtube and would like some info on the beach camp site. Is it at Camp Pendleton? My husband and I were once stationed at Camp Pendleton. Anyway, we want to rent a motorhome and go camping on the beach. Can you send me the info please? Thanks so much!

    • Randy

      You bet Maricar, your information is on the way. Please check your email and let me know if ya’ need anything else at all. Thank you very much!!!

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