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Link to Randy's video on YouTube reveiwing the weBoost 4g-X Cell Signal Booster

YouTube Video Review of weboost 4G-X

Traveling the roads of America truly take on a different meaning when you’re traveling with probably the best cell signal booster available today! Stay tuned as we give you more information in this weboost 4G-X Cell Signal Booster Review.

When many of us were kids going on summer camping trips about the only way to keep in touch with the folks and friends at home was to find a phone booth and throw some change into the slot and hope the party on the other end was home.

But the with the advent of mobile cell phones the scenario of ‘calling home’ has changed drastically. And yet even more amazing was the ability to create a ‘hot spot’ on our smart phones and connect our tablets and computers to their network and reach out to the internet!

Wilson Phone Signal Booster


But when the signal is weak and you find yourself in between cell towers and repeaters, what do you do? This was the case for us three or four years ago while fishing and camping up on the Robinson Creek outside of Bridgeport, Ca. when a campground host told us about a Wilson Phone Signal Booster.

We didn’t remember much of the details at the time, only that someone said something about Wilson Electronics but in the following years it seemed as if someone was always talking about a Wilson cell signal booster. Then about a year and a half ago I just had to pursue this adventure leading us to finally adding this incredible tool to our RV!

Understanding How A Signal Amplifier for Cell Phones Works


Image of sketched car with 4g-x inside and outside antennas, power supply, Drive 4G-X unit and a cell tower in the background.At first I didn’t quite understand the concept though ‘Signal Booster’ should pretty much explain it, right? So we downloaded a map of Verizon’s coverage of Southern California and set out to find a spot without any coverage. Shortly we found a spot that was distanced quite far from any Verizon towers and there was absolutely, totally not a stitch of a Verizon signal.

We spent two to three hours of driving back and forth in and out of coverage, on and off the phone with the folks at weboost‘s support before we finally got it drilled in to our heads that there does have to be some kind of a signal, even if it’s fairly minimal.

Realizing the Usefulness of the DRIVE 4G-X


We finally realized that the 4G-X’s usefulness was going to come into play in all of those areas where we always find ourselves dropping calls and never having enough of a signal to create a healthy hot spot that would upload and download data to and from our laptops or media.

Then a few weeks back we had a chance to go up in the local mountains to one of our favorite campgrounds. And here we discovered that we had just enough of a signal to make a phone call though many of the calls were possibly subject to dropping about half way into the call.

So we got out the video cam and documented the 4G-X increasing the signal from -115dBm to -91dBm allowing us to establish a hot spot and the ability to fire up the internet on my laptop. Previously we’ve been able to establish a signal in the low 80’s.

Inside the weboost DRIVE 4G-X Box


Image taken from the box of items inside the box, Drive 4G-X with Mounting Bracket, outside mini magnet mount antenna, inside ultra-slim antenna and the vehicle 12 volt power adapterIncluded in the 4G-X box from weboost is the 4G-X, mounting bracket, mini magnet exterior mount antenna, inside ultra-slim antenna and the 12v adapter. Mounting and installing this equipment can be fairly easy to do in a car or pickup but may take a little professional help in an RV or truck if you’re not handy with tools and this type of task.

Currently we’ve been using this by sticking the magnet mount antenna to a piece of sheet metal on the roof of our rig and then running the antenna coax through the kitchen window in our rig. But we do have the trucker’s or big-rig antenna for it and plan on installing it shortly.

For the power source we just use the 12v plug in our media center area above the stove in our rig and pull the unit and/or the interior antenna down when we need to make a call or establish a hot spot. There are many installation videos on YouTube for help installing this awesome product. Of all of the times that we’ve used this unit it has always fired up with a green light and never let us down.

Get More Info on the DRIVE 4G-X


We love our DRIVE 4G-X and definitely recommend that you check this little beauty out for yourself. For more information and reviews on this item, check out the DRIVE 4G-X “install guide” page and the DRIVE 4G-X at Amazon.


Price:  $479.99

Average  Customer Rank: 3/5


  • weboost’s most powerful vehicle signal booster
  • boosts cell signals up to 32X – enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals for everyone in the vehicle
  • get fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster uploads and downloads.
  • compatible with all U.S. networks – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more.
  • setup is quick and easy… do-it-yourself installation.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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By R.C. Stude

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