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A link to Randy's YouTube reveiw on the Intimidator flashlight from OLIGHT.

SR52UT Intimidator Review on YouTube

The Intimidator may be the brightest LED flashlight money can buy! For us, it is hands down the best camping flashlight that we’ve ever owned. In the next few moments we’ll tell you why we feel this way and give you a bit more information on the SR52UT Intimidator from OLIGHT. Feel free to check out our video review also!


Cree XP-L High Intensity LED Lamp


Under the lens of the Intimidator you’ll find the well known Cree XP-L High Intensity LED lamp making this one of the coolest flashlights to the touch. This lamp provides 1,100 lumens for 4 hours, 550 lumens for 7.5 hours and 80 lumens for up to 40 hours with candela of 160,000cd.

We use this flashlight at home every night when taking the dogs out in the back yard for their potty breaks and very seldom take it off the Mode 3 (80 lumens) setting for fear of the neighbors complaining.


Image of the Intimidator flashlight standing on end with the beam turned onAmazingly Constructed…Waterproof up to 3 Meters


One of the greatest features for us is the fact that this OLIGHT product is waterproof up to 2 meters. Since we’re constantly around water when camping, this awesome feature is a must have for us. Another very important feature to be found here is the construction and endurance of the Intimidator.

By now I’ve dropped this flashlight over and over being the clumsy, aging ding dong that I am and I still haven’t even put a dent in it. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a Stainless Steel bezel and oh boy do I appreciate these facts. It does weigh in just a hair over 2lbs so you definitely want to avoid dropping it on your toe!


Brightness Settings to Charging Features


The on-off switch cycles through the three brightness settings and also activates a strobe light and will automatically return to your last brightness level due to a built in memory function.

Image of the micro port for charging the Intimidator flash light along with the "Ready" light.Another very convenient function of the Intimidator is the power status LED indicator on the side which glows red letting you know when the batteries are low and need to be charged up.

A charging status indicator on this light will also notify you when the light is fully charged so there’s no guess work involved when needing to charge this unit’s batteries up.

Charging quite possibly the best high lumens flashlight is simple using a micro-USB port and just plugging into a USB port on laptop, 12v charger or even a portable solar panel like the Renogy 100 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel.


What Comes in the Box…


When you purchase the SR52UT Intimidator, inside the box you’ll also receive the USB cord, a USB Image of inside the case that the Intimidator comes in including an extra O-ring, 12volt adapter for charging, holster and flashlight.Vehicle Power Adapter, a spare O-ring, a holster and a manual. One of the most outstanding features of this unit is that it comes with a 5 year warranty… obviously OLIGHT is serious about producing quality products.


Get More Info on the SR52UT Intimidator from OLIGHT…


Again, for more information check out our Intimidator YouTube Review or go to Amazon to check out their reviews and see what the customers are actually saying! 4.7 stars at Amazon pretty much speaks for itself!

Price:  $149.95

Average Customer Rank: 4+/5


  •  Cree XP-L High Intensity LED lamp
  •  Three Brightness Settings with a Max Output of 1100 Lumens (800 meters)
  •  Solid Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  •  Built-in Micro USB Charging Port
  •  Includes:
    • Convenient Carrying Holster
    • 12v Power Adapter
    • USB Cable for Charging
    • Spare O-ring

Where to buy:Amazon


By R.C. Stude











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