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The Great Campfire Debate


Kaylee FireSeveral years back, just after my wife and I had re-entered the world of camping we experienced a weekend of campers that for some reason had to have their (and consequently our) nights brighter, more lit up than the daytime. The beauty of the moon and the starry sky all but disappeared and was replaced with LED lights and brightly lit RV string party lights hanging from every conceivable, available area on the exterior of their trailers and RV’s.

Cactuses, Chili Peppers and Lanterns

There were hanging cactuses and chili peppers and I think someone figured out how to shop for Chinese paper lanterns wholesale. And, on top of all of this nonsense the owners of these eye sores were all inside their rolling resorts leaving individuals such as us to admire their incredible insensitivity.

So when we returned home I immediately found the forums where we had learned so much about camping and very quickly I was plunged deeply into the heated debate centered around RV party string lights and such!

A Little Research

Now, I had seen many debates and discussions centered on all kinds of issues and topics but I had never quite seen this big of a debate with such adamant opinions. It was almost like experiencing a heated political debate including flying objects. It finally fizzled out for the most part but totally without any true resolve.

A Question for Ya’

So, my questions to you are these: Are you the type of camper that really enjoys and insists on irritating everyone around you with everything from lighting up a regular Coleman lantern until the wee hours of the morning, to hanging RV party lights on everything within your campsite?

Or are you the individual that can’t wait ’til the sun is down and there’s nothing but a campfire and a heavenly host of billions upon billions of stars in a moon lit sky? Is there a way for all of us to camp together and be happy? I’d appreciate each and everyone’s opinion. I would love to hear your solution!

By RC Stude

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  1. Casey

    I emphatically agree with you. Camping in the great outdoors isn’t what it used to be. Lights should be visible for only the campers using them. Light pollution while camping, I’m afraid is here.

    • Randy

      Ey there Casey,

      A month or two ago we were up at Rock Creek, Eastfork Campground and there weren’t a whole lot of folks agreeing with you and I… )-: But, every year we just get on up there and hope for the best! Too funny though… one night I took the dogs out for their last potty break and my wife turned on the exterior light on the rig. I somehow forgot to turn it off and it was on the whole night.

      Next morning the neighbor came over to make me aware that it was a little bright in his tent all night. So I totally apologized, but that night his big ‘ol family group kept it nice and dark around their campfire whereas the night before they had a string of LED’s lit up around the rim of their canopy. Go figure, ey (-;

      I reckon it all works out… LOL!

      Hope ya’ got some good camping in this summer Casey. I sure do appreciate you taking time to leave me a comment!

      Best wishes,


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