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Image of Smarter Tools 2000 Watt Inverter Generator The Smarter Tools 2000 watt inverter generator is one of the brightest stars among the newer lightweight portable generators available today.

We’ll give you our short opinion on the AP2000iQ and then move on to some even more helpful information. If you’ve tried to find information on the internet regarding this generator you may have had a tough time.

One thing that I noticed is that there are very few Smarter Tools Generator reviews available. Also there doesn’t seem to be any maintenance help for the AP2000iQ and we are going to try and remedy this today!

From a Yamaha to a Yamaha…

A few summers ago my wife and I decided that we needed to downsize on a few things in the back of the truck when we went camping so we took a look at the AP2000iQ and fell in love with it. The price was a great incentive but the features on this gennie, including the Yamaha MZ80 engine really impressed us.

As I mentioned in the video, when idling the AP2000iQ only registers at 51db. This is comparable to the two most popular portable generators out there right now, the Yamahas and the Hondas. When you do put a load to it though, it will go up a bit but is still no louder than the other two leaders in the industry.

A Few More Smart Little Ideas…

Image of the front panel of the AP2000iQ generator and specifically, the Smart Throttle Function of the AP2000iQAnother great feature that I mentioned on the YouTube video is the Smart Throttle. This cool function can keep the generator running at the lowest speeds needed to maintain the required current keeping the decibels down and giving you lower fuel consumption.

You definitely want to read the manual though in order to use this function properly. This gennie also comes with the Parallel Output cable connections giving you the ability to combine two gennies together to run your A/C and other larger appliances.

I believe that the Parallel Kits run around $60 which leads us to mentioning the price on this unit.

There’s Nothing Like Getting a Good Deal…

At last glance this Smarter Tools 2000 watt generator was priced somewhere between $550 and $600 which makes it possible to buy two of these units for close to the price of a Honda EU2000i or a Yamaha EF2400iSHC.

One more thing that I really like about this unit is the weight. It weighs in right around 50, maybe 51 lbs. and the footprint is about half of the Yamaha 2400. So it truly is a lot more convenient for me and allows me to pack a little extra of something else. Gasoline quantity is at 1.1 gallons and will usually run around 6.5 to 7, maybe 7.5 hours.

As I indicated in the video, we’ve had ours for two seasons now and it has performed flawlessly from sea level to right around 9,000 ft altitude. At the higher altitudes you will notice that it burns a little richer and may use a tiny bit more fuel, but all in all it isn’t that noticeable.

How to Change the Oil in the AP2000iQ…

Link to Randy's YouTube Video review and maintainance guide for the Smarter Tools AP2000iQ generatorChanging the oil is really a snap with this generator. I always put mine up on blocks giving me between 6 and 8 inches clearance between the bottom of the gennie and the ground.

There is no drain plug in this generator so once you’ve taken out the two screws on the cover, you’ll unscrew the plug to the oil and tilt the generator over, draining the oil into a container until empty (see video).

I saved the container that the oil was shipped in when we unpacked the AP2000iQ the first time. This container has a wee nozzle on it making it easy to pour the new oil into the generator. It also is the proper size for the correct quantity of oil that you’ll need to put in the gennie.

Cleaning the Air Filter on the AP2000iQ…

The air cleaner is found just a little to the left of the oil cap and only has one screw holding the filter cover in place. To clean this filter you can use non-flammable solvent or a mixture of dish soap and water to clean the filter in. Be sure to rinse the filter out thoroughly if you use the dish soap mixture and be sure that the filter is totally dry before replacing it.

Checking or Replacing the Spark Plug in the AP2000iQ…

Image of changing spark plugs on the Smarter Tools AP2000iQThe spark plug is equally simple to check or replace. You’ll notice on the top of the generator there is a small square rubber cover. If you pull it out you’ll be able to look almost straight down and see the spark plug wire.

Pull this wire/cap up and off of the spark plug and then slip the plug removal tool that came with the gennie down over the plug. Insert the little handle through the slots on the removal tool and gently turn counterclockwise keeping the tool straight so as to not crack the porcelain on the spark plug.

Once you pull the plug out you can inspect, re-gap and clean it or you can replace it with a new one. If you do replace it make sure that you use the BPR6HS. Some manuals came with an insert that said to use a BPR4HS but this insert is incorrect per Smarter Tools support as I mentioned in the video on the Videos and Such page.

The gap on this plug should be set at .024 to .028 and I recommend checking it on every new plug that you install. Once you’re finished putting the spark plug back in be sure and reattach the spark plug wire before replacing the side panel.

How to Clean the Muffler or Spark Arrestor on the AP2000iQ…

Image of cleaning the muffler/spark arrestor on the Smarter Tools AP2000iQTo clean the muffler/spark arrestor you’ll need to take the side cover/panel off removing the 6 screws. You’ll see that there is a ring that keeps the screen and retainer on. I think I used an 8mm socket to loosen up the ring and remove it.

Now just twist the retainer off and the mesh screen will drop out. I used a wire brush to clean mine but you can use whatever process is easiest for you to remove the carbon.

When you’re finished with that process check the exhaust pipe inside and out for any loose debris and return the screen to the retainer and slide it back onto the exhaust pipe.

Reinstall the retainer ring and replace the side cover/panel and you’re finished with all the maintenance that you’ll need to do for a while.

And It’s a Wrap…

The fifth and final item that you’ll have to replace is the fuel filter, but this shouldn’t need to be done for quite a while. The manual has a well defined chart for all of the required maintenance with the appropriate schedule for each item.

As you can see in the video it really doesn’t take much time at all to maintain this awesome little Smarter Tools generator. If you haven’t seen my video for this Smarter Tools 2000 watt generator yet, just click here to go over to the Videos and Such page and scroll down towards the bottom. If you’d like more info or to compare some generators click here to go over to Items You’ll Need.

If I can help ya’ with anything please feel free to contact me and be sure to leave a comment if you have more info that you can share with us!

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