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Ken’s Sporting Goods is indeed the Gateway to the Walker River, and much, much more!

Video of Randy, Patty and our Kaylee Girl camping at Pinezanita in 2006

Pinezanita-2006 Video

Notice that I said “Pinezanita-Cool Weather Camping at Its Best” and not “Pinezanita-Cold Weather Camping at It’s Best”!

Not that we haven’t been down there camping in bone chilling weather, for indeed we have. In fact it was an extremely cold October night when Kaylee girl was a pretty young and new camper that we experienced our first ‘One Dog Night’.

It was so cold that night that we actually pulled Kaylee inside the covers to get a little extra body heat. Even Kaylee was cold in spite of all that heavy fur and stayed tucked in between us for several hours. Outside the wind was howling as loud as the coyotes and our little tent trailer was just rockin’ with every gust.

But a few weeks ago the weather was almost perfect as it has been, even up to now, this last weekend in May. Of course, Pinezanita RV Park and Campground does have electrical and water hookups in most of their sites, so it’s pretty easy to just take a small electric heater for those wee bit, frosty mornings.

Even though we have a bit more capacity for LP now, we still use our Mr. Buddy propane heater. After all these trips and all this time, our Mr. Buddy still fires up and takes care of us trip after trip and year after year. But I do have to tell you that we do carry a small electric heater for trips where we’re hooked up to electricity and the days remain chilly inside and out.

Video of a tour of Pinezanita RV Park and Campground we took a few weeks back

Pinezanita 2018 Video

I mentioned in the recent video from a few weeks ago, that through all the years that we’ve camped at Pinezanita RV Park and Campground, it never changes. It’s family owned and operated which consistently gives you the same joy in camping that ya’ might have experienced ten, maybe fifteen or twenty years ago.

As we wait for spring to transition to summer, campgrounds like Pinezanita and Dos Picos are still absolutely perfect for cool to slightly warm camping. Yes, the beauty and solitude of this place will draw you back down in the middle of the summer but it does get a little warm during those summer months. But if your rig has an A/C, you do have the electrical hook ups to take good care of you during the warmer days.

One of the best features of Pinezanita is that it is only 4 miles south of Julian. We never get enough of this quaint little town. Again we just had to check out our two favorite restaurants: the Julian Grille and Romano’s.

We visited Romano’s and again as always we were welcomed to dine on the front porch/patio area with our pups. True to form, Romano’s food was as amazing as it has ever been with their wonderful Caesar Salad and awesome Italian food. Here, I ordered the Alfredo with meatballs. Wow, I was not disappointed and left for Pinezanita a very, very happy camper!

Image of a plate holding Julian Grille's Sweet Georgia Peach dinner

Julian Grille’s Sweet Georgia Peach

A few nights earlier, after arriving at the Julian Grille, I ordered the Chicken Spinosa and Patty ordered the Sweet Georgia Peach. Folks if you’ve never been to the Julian Grille, the first time you visit them you have to get the Sweet Georgia Peach!

This dish is the benchmark for excellence and you’ll be craving it for the rest of your time in the Julian area. And yes, they are still dog friendly and cater to you dining with your sweet pups!

We did drive down to Lake Cuyamaca and noticed that there is another tiny campground that is being developed. Right now though, there’s no shade and it’s pretty undeveloped… absolutely no match for our beloved Pinezanita. Cuyamaca does provide some decent fishing with plenty of good shore fishing or boat rentals if you’d like to get out on the water.

Again, our time at Pinezanita RV Park and Campground was way too short. The days are often almost as serene and quiet as the nights while camping in the back quadrant of the park. The row of spaces that starts with space #96 and goes through #120 are absolutely fabulous as they are backed up to fence and on the other side you often see and hear quite a variety of wildlife!

For more info please visit our Travelogue post on Pinezanita. If you need more info, please visit their website at Please visit our latest video on Camping at Pinezanita!

By R.C. Stude


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