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Our Rockwood Freedom 2280 Review


Rocky FreedomSeveral years ago my wife and I traveled to Bishop California in the late fall to try our hand at stream fishing. We stayed at the Creekside Inn in Bishop, but after latching into some nice trout and thoroughly enjoying the Bishop Creek area, we knew that it was time to get back into camping and fishing.

This led us to begin looking at our options from camping tents to motor homes. At this point in time we were saving like crazy for a rainy day and hopefully retirement, and didn’t want to invest too much money. We already had a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and knew we could tow something fairly light weight.

Where To Start…


The first option that we came up with was to find a pop up tent trailer rental location. We thought after spending 3 to 4 days camping in a small Santa Fe made by Coleman that we would have a pretty good picture of what we needed.

We wound up spending several hours checking out the Santa Fe and several other models that the rental company had on the lot. This led us to our next step.

At this point we became very curious as to what a unit like this would cost, both used and new. By looking carefully at the rentals we discovered that we didn’t need to look any further and decided to seriously look at purchasing one. After scouring the newspaper and local dealers for available units we finally made our decision.

Decision Time…


Rocky 3Just outside of Hemet, California, we found a dealer with maybe 5 or 6 units on the lot. When we first saw the Rockwood Freedom 2280 tent trailer, we were amazed. The trailer body itself was only 12 feet long but yet it opened up to over 23 feet long. One of the bunks was almost the same size as our California King at home.

The amenities included a 20 gallon fresh water tank, stove, fridge, kitchen sink, indoor shower, indoor toilet, forced air furnace, 6 gallon water heater, heated mattresses and much, much more. One of the greatest features of this unit is that it easily fits in a standard garage!

Another of the nice features about the Freedom 2280 was that most of the Rockwood pop up replacement parts were generic and common enough to many other travel trailers that they were always easy to find. And one more cool thing about the 2280 was that it came with so many great features that we never had to spend time looking for any Rockwood tent trailer accessories!

A Good Service Department Goes A Long Way…


The only downside to this awesome pop up trailer unit is that just as with any other RV unit, you’re going to take it in to the service department once in a while for a little maintenance and you really want to choose your dealership wisely. RV dealerships are definitely not all the same and can cause you some major stress if you’re not careful. So as you do your shopping for a great camping unit, shop carefully for a great service department.

By R.C. Stude

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