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Image of the Yamaha EF2400iS Generator with cord plugged into itThe Yamaha EF2400iS is one of the best RV portable generators on the market today. We bought ours back in 2006 when we started getting serious about dry-camping or boon docking.

We literally spent weeks going through catalogs and forums trying to digest as much info as possible searching for the quietest camping generator we could afford.

At that point we had experienced enough camping around other people to know that we wanted a generator with some pretty decently low db levels.

Silence is Golden…


The first thing that was important to us, probably the most important thing to us, was the quietness of this generator. Over the course of the last eight years of camping, we’ve come across many experiences involving generators and their owners. The majority of these educational experiences tend to revolve around the noise output.

Most individuals do care about inconveniencing other campers and a few really don’t seem to care at all. As I mentioned in the video on the Videos and Such page, you may occasionally run into folks that truly haven’t heard their generator through others’ ears and may actually listen to your constructive criticism.

At the time that we bought this unit it was the second quietest portable camping generator that we found among all of the reviews we had been scouring through. Ours usually runs around 54 to 55 db, depending on the current load on it. If we’re just charging the batteries it’ll get down around 53 db. By the time we read through all the comments in, we were pretty sold on this genny.

Just Plug Away…


Cartoon type of sketch of an electrical socket with a three pronged electrical cord.The second thing that was important to us was the functionality of this unit. It runs everything that we plug in and never flinches. When we first bought our Antigua 215SSO, we noticed that Yamaha stated on their website that the EF2400iS would run “most” 13,500 BTU A/C units. And indeed, it ran our Antigua’s A/C pretty well.

But the most important feature for me is my fresh dripped coffee in the morning and the ability for the genny to keep the batteries charged up. Of course, firing up my sweetheart’s curling iron and blow dryer is a nice bonus.

To the Weight of the Matter…


One thing that might concern ya’ though is that it weighs in around 75 lbs… dry weight. I only hoist it around once when I’m loading up for the trip. Our 2400 usually sits at the driver’s side rear, just inside the tailgate and it stays there until we get home from vaca. So I really don’t have to sweat it once it’s in place for the trip. With oil and gas just add another couple of pounds.

Economically Speaking…


Speaking of gasoline, this genny is pretty economical to run. We usually have to fill its tank once every four to six days depending on how much we need to charge our batteries. We just had it run for about 6 hours during a power outage in the neighborhood and it used around a half a tank.

Thinking about it though, that included three days of usage on a recent trip to the local mountains in which it probably only ran for a total of two hours. On a four to five week trip we’ll usually refill the 5 gallon gas can once midway through and still come home with at least a half a can of gas.

Then There’s the Pricing…


Image of an elongated oval circle around the words.. Best PRICEPricing is another issue to contemplate here. At the $1300 mark this can be a bit of a challenge on the family budget!

We spent so much time reading reviews and testimonials on this unit that by the time we needed to just get it done, we were pretty much over the shock and just figuring out where we could cut other corners in order to bring this one home.

I’m really fortunate with issues like this because with equipment of this importance, my wife doesn’t even blink. She just tells me to do what I think is best… so this really was a no-brainer for me. By the time we got real serious about dry-camping and started going out more than just a week or two, we were both extremely pleased that we made the investment in the 2400!

Maintenance Made Easy…


One of the side benefits of this portable generator is the ease of maintaining it. As you can see in the video for this review it takes about a minute and a half to take the three covers off to access the exhaust, spark plug and air filter.

And… the only thing that really takes any time is just letting the air filter dry naturally after cleaning it. If you start your preventative maintenance with cleaning the air filter, it’s pretty much dry after changing the oil, changing the plug and brushing down the exhaust pipe.

Well, that’ pretty much my take on one of the best RV portable generators around today. A little pricey, maybe… but worth every cent, especially if you’re a serious boon docker! Here’s a few others to look at and compare…

Image of a Generac 2000 generator Image of a Honda EU2000i generator Image of a Hyundai 2000 generator.
Image of a Yamaha EF2000is generator




If you need any more information or ya’ have a comment for us, we would love to hear from ya’. Thanks again for checking out the review!

By R.C. Stude



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