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Probably one of the very first items that we picked up was the Mr. Heater Big Buddy RV portable heater. Originally when we bought ours over six years ago, there was big sale on them at Bass Pro Shops and they were selling for a bit over $100, briefly.

Mr. Heater MH18B is one of those items that we’ve used and used and only had to replace the on/off switch which we picked up for around $3 at our local RV service center. The only other thing that we’ve had to do is just clean out the oxygen sensor once in the 6+ years that we’ve owned it.


Image of the Big Buddy Quick Disconnect for Alternate LP Sources

Quick Disconnect for Alternate LP Sources

The first of the great features on it are the dual compartments for 1 lb LP bottles. Inside the compartment on the left, you will find a quick-disconnect which gives you the capability of hooking this unit up to a larger LP source if you desire to.

Another awesome thing about this unit is the amazing heat output and yet a surprisingly minimal fuel expenditure. About 98% of the time that we use a heater, we’ll use our Big Buddy as opposed to the built in unit in our trailer due to the economics and the quickness and efficiency of the Big Buddy.

Another great feature is the auto shut-off in case the unit gets knocked over. It doesn’t happen often but once in a while I’ll get to ruff housin’ with the dogs and somebody will bump the heater a little too hard. Normally it doesn’t get knocked over but it does get moved just enough for me to have to restart it.

Image of the Multi Level Heat Controller and side cannister in compartment

Nice Big Multi Level Heat Controller

As I mentioned before there is an oxygen sensor on the unit and if it does use quite a bit of the oxygen in a fairly small area, the unit will shut off. By that time it’s a little too hot anyway and you usually need to open a window or a door.

The three different heat control levels are a nice touch, also. Usually we’ll knock the early morning chill off and then leave the control switch on low and it’ll maintain our 26 ft Salem very nicely.

My favorite feature is the fan. It runs off of “D” cell batteries and is very economical. The first four years that we had it, we only changed the batteries once. Recently we change them again after replacing the on/off switch.

Here’s some facts:

Price:  $134.99

Average Customer Rank:  9/10

Link to purchase Mr Buddy Heater from Amazon

CLICK HERE for more info…


  • Covers up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Control switch has 3 settings for heat levels
  • Battery powered fan for heat distribution
  • Safety shut off switch in case of accidental knock over
  • Emergency low oxygen sensor and shut off
  • Weighs around 18 lbs


Where to buy:

By R.C. Stude


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