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A potentially major challenge for many fellow campers with RV’s, trailers or campers is managing the waste water tanks in our units. There are several great systems that work but today we will briefly discuss the one that we use.

Getting Educated…


Image of a Google page with RV.Net on it.When it came to both the gray water waste tank and the black (sewage) water waste tank, I was pretty aggressive in gaining knowledge about how to maintain them both and found several great systems fairly quickly.

My main source was RV’ing forums on the internet and to a slight extent, our local RV service department. By the time we pulled away from the curb, I was fairly confident that our maintenance solution would work consistently.

In out first trailer, the black water tank was only around 3 or 4 gallon capacity and was easy to access and keep totally clean. But as we moved up in size and style of trailer, our waste tank capacities grew larger also.

Gray Tank System…


The gray water tank will very rarely be a problem for you but a quick, preventive measure is to pour 12 ounces of Thetford Campa-Chem Holding Tank Deodorant in the kitchen sink at the beginning of a trip. We’ve also used a half a cup or so of bleach, but prefer the Campa-Chem. And again, we don’t do this every time, just 3 or 4 times per year for all the camping that we do; it  seems to take care of us nicely.

Our Simplistic System…


Link to purchase some Campa-Chem at AmazonAfter some pretty hefty research the system that we came up with and have used since the purchase of our hybrid Antigua 215SSO is this: 12 to 14 ounces of Thetford Campa-Chem Liquid and 1 to 2 ounces of Calgon Water Softener (liquid) combined with 2 to 3 gallons of water. The routine for adding this solution is simple.

After each and every dumping of the black water tank (be sure that you have closed Image of Calgon Water Softner used in black tanks.the exit gates or valves), simply open the toilet lid and flush valve and add the Thetford Campa-Chem followed by the Calgon and then 2 to 3 gallons of water.

One of the main secrets to having a system that will never smell or cause problems is making sure that each and every time that you dump your tanks that you are dumping them completely. The way that we accomplish this is to make sure that before you go to the dump station your black water tank is at least 2/3 full if not totally full. This may mean that you add some water to it before leaving for the dump station it sure does beat the alternative.

Also always make sure that you dump the black water before you dump the gray water tank. Other features that help are the tank rinse systems that you can have installed in your tank. You can also use a wand that attaches to a hose, rinsing your tank from inside the bathroom.

Many More Options…


There are a variety of accessories to choose from but these are some basics to get you started with and insure that your holding tanks are never an issue for you. There are also some really great forums available to you with tons of great information. Hope this helps… see ya’ on the creek!

By R.C. Stude




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