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With summer hiding right around the corner from us, we’re going to briefly talk about how to find RV campgrounds in California.

Vehicle Lengths Do Matter…


Image of a Truck Train possibly from Australia, definitely not from the U.S.

Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

When we begin our search for a campground, one of the first things that we always have to consider is the length of our vehicles, whether they are campers, tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers or motor home type units. For those of us who pull trailers behind vehicles, we always must take into consideration our pull vehicles and the length of the trailer combined.

Those of us who drive RV’s or, motor homes and pull extra vehicles behind our main unit, we again must take into account the total length of both units… vehicles lengths really do matter.

There’s nothing much worse than getting up to your fishing hole and trying to get into a new campsite right next to the stream and coming up a couple of feet short. Some Park Rangers and campground hosts are gracious and some of them aren’t!

Going Online…


With the online technology and ability to make online reservations also comes the ability to get very detailed information about campgrounds and specific campsites that meet your requirements and desires.Image of reservations made through government reservation site. Most of the locations that we visit can be viewed online and most of the time we know the length of the parking area of the campsite before we ever arrive there with our truck and trailer.

Open Ranging It…


There are a lot of camping areas that resemble the camping area at the beach that we talked about in the last post “Beaching It In So Cal”.  In these type of camping areas you simply pull into the area and ‘stake’ your campsite. California is actually pretty generous in this style of camping from the desert, to the mountains to the beach. Many of the desert camping areas are like this, but another great example of this would be beach camping at Pismo Beach’s Oceano Dunes.

An Outstanding Resource…

Image of Moon's California Camping.

Finding these areas are really not too difficult. We always start out our search with a good atlas and Tom Stienstra’s Complete Guide to More Than 1.500 Tent and RV Campgrounds.  We’ve filtered through several books and other media but have never found anything as accurate and complete as this guide by Stienstra. It was actually a gift to us from our financial advisor. She had no idea how valuable a gift she was actually giving us… simply put, nothing compares.

Reserve America and…


The secondary way of finding some great places to camp are by going right to Reserve America and Between these two sites you will cover the majority of what is out there and what’s Image of reservation info showing length of camping site.available. You might also use these two sites to just give you ideas for a general area and then research an area in more detail until you find exactly what you want. Remember that on both of these sites you can get a lot of info about each campsite including the length and amenities available.

Important Stuff Here…


The key thing to remember when dealing with making reservations for a campsite is that a lot of the time, reservations can be made up to 6 months prior to the date that you’re requesting. Sometimes it can be pretty competitive trying to score that campsite that you’ve just fallen in love with and just gotta have once a year.

Need More Info…


For a much more complete collection of info, names and numbers be sure and visit the Names ‘N Numbers page here within this website.

If you need any more info be sure and browse through this website and leave me a comment and I’ll reply quickly!

By R.C. Stude




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