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As an owner of a travel trailer or an RV, one of the most important issues that you face is how to dump and maintain your trailer or RV Black Water tank. It is very important to have a simple but effective routine when it’s time to head for the dump site and clean out your RV Black Water holding tank. But equally important is your routine for maintaining your tank during the off season and between camping or road trips.

Most Important Part of Hooking Up


Link to Randy's YouTube video on How to Dump and Maintain Your RV Black Water TankThe first thing that you will notice in our video as we begin to hook up the hose to the dump tank and the trailer is that we always hook up the hose to the dump site sewer tank first. Sometimes you can get a little pressured when others pull in behind you at the dump site and it’s easy to get frustrated and forget which part of the routine you’re supposed to be at.

But, if you will simply get into the habit of hooking your hose to the dump site’s sewer tank, you will tremendously decrease your chances of accidentally prematurely pulling the handle on your black tank and dropping gallons of your raw sewage on the ground.

The RhinoFlex Hose Assembly


Link to Rhino Sewer Kit on Items You'll Need page.You’ll also notice that we use the Rhino Flex hose assembly. As I stated in the video, we’ve had this same hose since we started into heavy duty camping. In the video you can see that this hose has been stepped on and kinda thrashed a bit but still just keeps on doing its job without leaking a drop.

Along with this hose we bought a Camco 45° clear elbow that allows us to monitor the process and actually tell what and how much is coming out of the tanks. Now Rhino even has this unit that also swivels and allows you to get the perfect angle for a great flush.

If Time Affords You


Sometimes at the end of the dumping of the black tank you’ll notice quite a bit of toilet paper and you might want to close the valve and empty 1 to 2 buckets of water into your tank through the toilet and see if that’ll clear out any extra toilet paper.

As I mentioned in the video if we have ice available before we head to the dump site, I will throw 2 to 3 trays worth of cubes into the tank via the toilet and the action of the ice scraping back and forth across the bottom or the tank will often loosen and stir everything up enough to give us a very thorough flush at the dump site.

Which Tank First?


Another tip that we made in the video was to always drain your Black Water tank first and then while the black tank valve is still open, open the Gray Water Tank valve and drain your gray tank. Many times the gray water will create a vacuum and pull out remaining sewage in your black tank or plumbing.

Link to the WirthCo bumper cap on Items You'll Need pageYou may have also seen the part of the video talking about WirthCo 30000 RV Locking Bumper Plug. As I mentioned, we had lost a ton of different types and styles of bumper plugs previously but since purchasing the WirthCo 3000, we haven’t had to worry one bit about losing our RhinoFlex hose equipment.

Incidentally, on the other end of the bumper we use a Camco 4” Polyethylene Bumper Cap. To keep this cap secure I drilled a hole through the bumper and Camco Bumper Cap rim and dropped a nail through it.

The Finishing Touches


To secure an oder free trailer all year around, after each dump we use around 14oz of Thetford Campa-Chem Natural Liquid Holding Tank Deodorant or Thetford Aqua-Kem Liquid Holding Tank Deodorant and 1 to 2 capfulls of Calgon Liquid Water Softener deposited through the toilet into the black tank followed by 3 gallons of fresh water.

Other formulas and ideas can be found at There can be many challenges to camping and RV’ing but two of those challenges can easily be eliminated by having a simple and safe routine established for dumping and disposing of your trailer or RV’s holding tanks and by having a simple but dependable formula for maintaining your holding tanks.

If you have a great routine for dumping holding tanks and maintaining them please share them with all of us here. We would all love to hear more suggestions on this subject.

By R.C. Stude




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