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Bishop 009One of the most enjoyable places that we’ve experienced fishing in the Eastern Sierras is the area around Bishop, California. Not only is Bishop Creek fishing pretty great but the camping, the lakes, the community and the restaurants are all some pretty wonderful additions to the fishing experience.

Schat’s Bakery… 

The famous Schat’s Bakery is practically next door to Creekside Inn there in Bishop. Give yourself plenty of time when you visit Schat’s, there is so much to experience here. Their sandwiches are all absolutely excellent. Two items that you must have are the Garlic Cheese bread and their Pull Away Cinnamon Bread.

Again, everything there is incredible and well worth the hassle of parking. If you’re in an RV or pulling a trailer, approach it from either way slowly and catch the signal/light red so that you can let your partner out to grab the goodies while you circle the block. Again, it is so well worth it.


The Bishop area provides many campgrounds for the RVer, camper and fisherman. Once you have arrived into town you’ll soon cross W. Line Street (168). If you will take this road west, you will quickly find yourself climbing up through the mountains and soon several great campgrounds will be available to you.

One of the first campgrounds that you will see is Big Trees. Bishop Creek runs through this campground and can provide some pretty nice stream trout. A mile or so up the roadBishop 002 is another campground named Forks. It is also on a creek and is situated at S. Lake Rd. and 168.

Farther up on 168 is Bishop Park and Intake where again, you’ll have access to some great fishing. Eventually on 168 you’ll wind up at Lake Sabrina. Here there’s some campsites and more good fishing.

Now, if you turned back down at S. Lake Rd and began to follow it, you’ll find Four Jeffrey and then Creekside RV Park where you’ll find full and partial hook ups. Seven miles or so farther you will come to the end of the road and South Lake. All along the road these seven miles are some excellent trout stream fishing. We’ve fished this in the summer and we’ve fished this stretch in the snow and it is always a thrill with a surprising amount of nice sized stream trout. Just a word of warning, if you’re in this area and fishing with your dogs stay alert and watch for coyotes. They can sometime be alarmingly brave and aggressive through here.

Mule Days…  

Mule Days is a massive celebration in Bishop during each Memorial Day weekend and can not be described in just a few words. During this celebration, the whole city becomes totally packed and lodging is extremely hard to come by. So if you’re interested at all, research it and then get your reservations early and just be aware that sometimes it can get pretty warm in Bishop.

Creekside Inn… 

Before we invested in our first camping unit, we discovered the Bishop Creekside Inn onBishop 026 Main St. in Bishop. Here at this marvelous inn we were able to fish Bishop Creek to our heart’s desire, experience the great sites and sounds of Bishop and start every day in one of the most beautiful settings in town.

At Creekside Inn they have all of the normal amenities and much, much more. One of the amenities that we really appreciated was the room that they provided for cleaning our catch and then the space in their freezer that they provided to hold on to our trout for us.

They have also helped us out in other situations even when we weren’t staying there but needed internet access due to a death in the family. This hotel and management is absolutely top notch and the prices can sometimes amaze you… in a good way!

Gas Up at the Casino… 

There are a few gas stations in town with some pretty decent prices but we have started filling up at the casino on the north end of town. The prices are usually quite a bit lower than any other place in town and the islands are stretched out pretty nicely to accommodate RV’s and other recreational type vehicles. I believe that there is another one just on the north side of Independence also if you’re going south or coming up from the south.

I hope that everything we’ve talked about here gives you a desire to check out this gateway to the Eastern Sierras. This really is an amazing area to visit and will draw you back yearly, over and over!

By RC Stude

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