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So you’ve been to the zoo or maybe you’ve been camping and you’ve seen those big bulky bears just lumbering along and you’re wondering in your mind, “do bears climb trees”?


A Sudden Encounter…


Image of Mama Bear coming out of the water at our campsite.About a month ago we were camping on Rock Creek in the Eastern Sierras. I put a leash on my Kaylee girl, we headed out for a walk and went through the opening in the bushes between our campsite and our neighbor’s.

Suddenly Kaylee and I froze… about 15 feet in front of us was a mama bear coming across the creek right at us. Then Kaylee let out a bunch of healthy barks and all three of us took off the other way!


This mama bear had been in and out of our campsites for the whole time we’d been camping there, sometimes twice a day and I really should have expected her at anytime. She had even cleaned out some folks goodies right after arriving and getting everything unpacked and safely stowed in the bear box!


So, Do They?


I don’t know about you but a situation like this kinda makes me think about my next encounter with a bear and what my best route of escape is and many times I’ve wondered, do bears climb trees? You used to Link to Randy's YouTube Video on Can Bears Climb Trees.always see cartoons about folks headin’ up the closest tree when they happened upon a bear.


Well, a few days earlier we shot this video which gives ya’ a pretty good answer to anything you might be wondering about bears climbing trees. The video, granted, is pretty shaky and definitely amateur… but after all, I was there for the fishing! What the camera pretty much failed to do was show you Mama’s little cub tucked way up towards the top of the tree.


And Here’s the Why…


It’s my guess that Mama wanted a mini base to operate her campsite raids out of and during the day she would keep her cub safely secured high above the activity and then just bring her down when it was time for Image of Mama Bear and Little Cub crossing logs.another lesson in “Smash and Grab”.


If you’ve ever wondered about bears climbing trees or maybe even why do bears climb trees, hopefully you’ve found this interesting and realize now that it’s probably not a good idea to stop and try climbing a tree if that bear is in hot pursuit of that bacon grease you might have wiped on your britches!


Now… if I could just figure out how them bears stick their paws in the water and come out with a big ‘ol trout every single time!!!
Any ideas???

By R.C. Stude



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