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New House, New Parking…

Image of the front of our home before we moved into itAround a year ago we moved into the last home that we plan on buying and quickly discovered a need for some curb ramps for RV parking.

One of the key features that we loved about this property when we found it was the larger parking area in front of the house for the trailer.

The other outstanding feature that we fell in love with was the additional large RV parking on the side of the house safely behind a fence and gate!

Now that it’s a year later and we finally have that fence rebuilt with a new double gate large enough to easily fit the trailer or motor home through, it’s time to put a plan together and take advantage of that RV parking area. 

However, this requires traversing the curb and lawn and triggered a pretty healthy search for a reasonable way to get up over an 8 inch city curb. Now, I do have to tell you that I did attempt to make my own ramps out of some pretty hefty wood that I found out in the garage as we moved in a year ago.

Even though this wood was pretty solid stuff some of the wood that I used underneath for all the support wasn’t as quality as the actual ramp wood. I probably should have drilled holes and used bolts instead of using screws… duh!

Enter Guardian’s 30 Ton Curb Solution…

Image of our new Guardian 30 ton curb ramps just after pulling our friends RV up and over the curb and lawn and into our back yard RV parking area.The time came to hook up the trailer and make our first attempt at backing our unit up over the curb, sidewalk and lawn.

Now, we knew that we had a bit of a sharp crown that might present a problem. But we didn’t know how much of a problem it was going to be.

After using my freshly created ‘wood and screw’ ramps the wood started splintering and some of the screws had become exposed and we were extremely fortunate that none of the tires found one of these little exposed rascals.

But on the bright side, we’ve got some pretty nicely stack-able firewood for the next trip out! So after working on it for about an hour it was evident that there just wasn’t enough clearance in the area of the plumbing and rear scrape bars and we had to abandon the trailer efforts for a while.

Then some great friends of ours needed a place to store their motor home while they listed it for sale. This is the point where these awesome RV curb ramps came into the picture. 

With Maria’s approach to the curb, sidewalk and lawn, we did move and re-position the portable curb ramps for the rear tires but had the RV parked in the side yard within 4 to 5 minutes.

Just the Facts Please…

Link to Randy's YouTube video review of the best curb ramps for RV's.So let’s take a look at these beauties that Patty found on Amazon…

  • Driving surface is textured for great traction
  • Driving surface has molded yellow safety reflectors
  • Designed with flat sides to enable multiple ramps to fit together for custom widths
  • High-density thermoplastic rubber construction
  • 60,000 lbs (30 ton) capacity
  • Measures 17.7” sidewalk to street, 23.5” width, 7.8” height
  • Each curb ramp weighs 66 lbs
  • Pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting

As I mentioned in the Curb Ramps for RV YouTube video, when we were spotting our friends motor home in our side yard these ramps did not move one inch nor did they compress one iota.

They are indeed very well made. I would however consider using a hand truck or dolly to move them from place to place. And likewise plan on storing these ramps somewhere on the floor level as you’re probably not going to be hoisting these things around any more than you absolutely have to.

For more information on these curb ramps go to our Items You’ll Need page or click here to go directly to Amazon to check these ramps out!

If you have any questions or have anything to add please leave a comment or click here to contact me!

By R.C. Stude

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