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Black & Decker Smart Battery 6/4/2 Amp Battery Charger

When we first started getting serious about camping and we purchased our first trailer, one thing that became apparent very quickly was how important it was to maintain our batteries. Our pop-up tent trailer, ‘Rocky’, only had one battery and we became educated very quickly. This Black and Decker Battery Charger was crucial to us because of it’s ‘Fault’ warning device and because of it’s incredible dependability. There were several times that I either missed a good connection or entirely misconnected it and in every occurrence this charger made me aware of it and never, ever allowed the battery to be ruined. Here are some facts…

Price: $44.39Battery Charger

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • Spark-resistant design
  • Easy connectivity for battery clips and ring terminals or vehicle DC plug
  • Spark resistant reverse hook-up protection
  • Reverse hook-up warning alarm
  • Item weight is 1 lb.
  • Dimensions are 7”x 6”x 7”

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Moon California Camping: the Complete Guide to More Than 1400 Tent and RV Campgrounds

Years ago when we first began getting into camping, our financial adviser gave us this book as a present. As we began looking through this book, we couldn’t believe how much pertinent information could be packed into a paperback. Two of the most important features that we use time after time are the specific reservation details for each campground that we visit, making it easy for us to score some amazing campsites. The other feature that we consistently use is the details on the allowable length for parking the RV unit. In our case we have around 26′ of trailer to be concerned with along with about 19′ of tow vehicle.

But we have gotten so much more info out of it than that. We’ve learned some great tips on stream fishing for Trout, found tips on avoiding confrontation with bears and other wildlife and read about camping in extreme weather. Probably the most important thing you need to know at this time is that this phenomenal book is very, very hard to get a hold of currently. The newest edition just came out within the last few months and it is very hard to find. Here are some facts…

Price: $18.15Battery Charger

Average Customer Rank: 5/5

More details:

  • Best Campgrounds for:
    Best Scenic Destinations, Best White-water rafting, Best for Fishing, Best Family Destinations and more…
  • Food and Camping Gear Tips
  • Clothing and Weather Protection
  • Sleeping Gear Tips
  • First Aid and Insect Protection
  • Catching Fish and more…
  • Camping Ethics and Politics And So Much More…

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