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School is out and it is time for your great summer getaway and we have an incredibly awesome place to start an annual camping tradition. Today, we are going to briefly talk about camping in Mono Village Campground Bridgeport, a wonderfully scenic campground/resort area just northeast of Yosemite National Park in the Eastern Sierras located at the end of Twin Lake Rd., 14 miles southwest of Bridgeport.

Mono Village…

Image of the boat dock area at Annett's Mono Village .Mono Village, also known as Annett’s Mono Village, is a wonderful summertime resort that hosts motels, cabins for rent, a grocery store, a restaurant, boat rentals and close to 300 campsites. This is one of those great places to camp that has everything you need including some campsites on Twin Lakes.

The Café…


The café in the village has been here for many, many years and is in quite a rustic setting. Recently it has undergone some repairs and reconstruction and really looks great. The food here has remained in the arena of ‘American’ tradition and has been equated to the style of dining at a Golden Corral. Another nice feature here is that they cook your catch if you bring it in. There’s nothing like fishing for trout all day and eating it for dinner that evening and especially in the setting of this quaint little cafe.

Campsites and Camping…


This resort has close to 300 campsites, many of them in some beautiful and amazing settings. There is a meadow with an incredible view of the mountains and also many campsites on a creek and on the lake. Many of these campsites include full hookups, water, electricity and sewer. But if you prefer dry-camping, there is also a dumpsite for emptying your waste tanks before heading home. Propane is also available for your RV, trailer or camper.

Fishing and Boating…


Image of the beautiful Lower Twin Lakes at Lower Twin Campground.Fishing is available all throughout this area on the creeks and on the lakes. Many huge trout have been pulled out of these waters and continue to be each year. There are also boat rentals available here. The Mono Village bait shop can supply you with everything from a boat to fuel, to tackle and bait and with prices that normally beat any other gas station and bait shop within 20 to 30 miles. Incidentally, just a few miles up the road, is a bait shop that will smoke your catch for you for a price and they do an outstanding job of it. They usually require a minimum catch of around 7 trout or so and I think it usually takes them 3 or 4 hours for the process but the end result is like eating candy… absolutely wonderful!

Other Amenities…


Other great amenities and features here are a grocery store where you can usually get your basic needs met, including an ATM. Up the road a piece is another grocery store with ATM access. There are also restrooms with showers and some laundry facilities. If you’d like to go the first time and stay in a motel room or even just rent a cabin, you have some great choices available to you.

Closing Thoughts…


One of the best features of camping at Mono Village is having access to the surrounding areas. Within minutes you can be fishing at the Walker River, or strolling through the quaint little town of Bridgeport having a great breakfast at Hays Street Cafe Bridgeport, Ca or the best hamburger within 40 miles at the Sportsmen’s Bar and Grill. Within an hour you can also be experiencing the wonders of the old gold mining ghost town of Bodie.

For more information on camping at Mono Village be sure and visit their website and begin planning your trip today.

By RC Stude

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  1. Kathleen Monigold

    Is there a length limit launching our own pontoon boat?

    • Randy

      Hiya Kathleen, I don’t know for sure but I’ve seen some pretty ‘healthy’ boat getting launched there and I don’t think there’s a limit but their phone number is 760.932.7071 and their boat info page is

      Give ’em a shout tomorrow and they’ll give ya’ whatever help ya’ need. They’re usually pretty good about helping folks that are coming up. Be sure and let me know if I can help. I think you can also launch a boat up at Twin Lakes Resort… Seems like it’s $6 or $7 for the day. By the way, they’ll clean and smoke your trout and doggone is it tasty… just talk to Keith.

      Also there’s a boat launch at the end of the Lower Twin Lakes campground. Before ya’ make the bend going into Twin Lakes Resort, just go left into the road to Crags and Lower Twin Campgrounds and follow the road just past the campground on your right and you’ll see a big parking lot with a boat launch area.

      Hope this helps… let me know if I can help at all and thank ya’ for asking… (-;


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