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Printable Checklist for Camping


One of the most important tools that we use in every single camping trip is a checklist that my bride created for both of us to use. We’ve made this RV camping checklist printable and it is downloadable… CampingChecklist2012



CampingChecklist2012, can be downloaded and edited totally to your liking using Excel. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel you can download a free app called Open Office Calc from If you ever plan on using Excel to open this file later be sure and save CampingChecklist2012 as an Excel file also. After you have saved this file to your hard drive or flash drive, you may have to rename it or click on ‘Files’-> Properties-> General and then uncheck the ‘read only’ box.

This was pretty much our first time RV camping checklist and there are a few things that I would like to point out to you. First, I have excluded several things that are of a personal nature that more than likely don’t have a bearance on the majority of people. An example would be a my favorite and most valued “book”. I live by it, but realize that most people wouldn’t consider it being something to take on vacation let alone read at home. Another example would beBee Gees certain medication or a specific CD like the incredible concept album, Cucumber Castle by the early Bee Gees, that we never, ever leave home without.

This spreadsheet was originally designed in a specific order to match our process of preparing and packing several days ahead. However, I altered the order of categories to fit a singular printable sheet. Once you download it, you are FREE to do whatever you want with it with the exception of selling it or using it for profit in any way, shape or form.

Please edit this RV camping supplies checklist, change it, add to it, take away from it and manipulate it any way that works for you. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you recreate it properly to fit your experience, it will cut down the forgetting of important items almost to zero and provide a much easier, relaxing preparation for your most needed upcoming trip into some of God’s greatest nature.

And please let me know if you have any questions about it.

By R.C. Stude

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  1. Matt Bronowicz

    Even though I do not live in California (yet, might be moving there), this site has been extremely helpful! It basically has anything you would need to do any outside activity. Im sharing it with friends. The checklists are great to help me remember what to bring when I go camping in Arkansas next month.
    We are kayaking the Red River and some others while camping in those mountains. I definitely need more gear and thanks to your site I will be buying stuff right from here. Its all in one place, which I love!

    • Randy

      Thank you for your kind words Matt. Wow, I really envy you getting to do some camping in Arkansas. My wife is originally from Michigan with relatives from Missouri to Tennessee and she’s always talking about how great it would be to pack up and head out your way for a nice long road trip. Last time we were in Michigan I remember tons of lakes where we were, just north of Detroit. I couldn’t get use to so much water, it was amazing. I reckon it’s like that down in your area too, ey?

      I bet your kayaking trip is going to be totally memorable. Would that Red River be from that infamous song, Red River Valley? Matt, thank you again for checking out this ‘ol camping and fishing site. I sure do appreciate ya’!

      Be safe on that trip… C ya’,


  2. KariLee

    Hi Randy,
    I am a tent camper myself and love find the out of the way walk-in and boat-in sites. Hope I can visit California some day. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your site.

    • Randy

      How kind of ya’ to stop by Kari. It’s cool finding out that you’re a fellow camper. It has been such a source of joy for us, especially having a sweetheart that loves fishing as much as I do. We frequent areas north of Bishop and in and around Bridgeport and there are some incredible walk-in areas with pristine lakes and streams, many of them way off the beaten trail. Got plenty of bears and mountain cats so ya’ gotta be pretty careful out here.. reckon you’re familiar with that!

      Thank ya’ again Kari, hoping all is well in your neck of the woods!

    • Jeffrey Whitaker

      Hey Kari I agree, love Randy’s site, hes a good man. I’m supposed to be beach camping around the Morro Bay area this weekend nut a, a bit leary for I am also a tent camper like yourself however its supposed to be very cold there this weekend. I’m a novice camper only my 4th time out, but the last time I went camping up in Sonoma Coast SP and it got down to 38 at night and it was a biiit cold for me. I’m not sure if I’m ready to endure that again lol.

    • Randy

      Ouuuiii, that’s just a bit cold for me. We’ve camped in below freezin’ before but we cheated and pulled my shepherd mix inside the bag with us. That big ‘ol pup really puts off some body heat… kept us three nice and comfortable!Reckon that’s the advantage of having a big dog, huh! Good hearin’ from ya’ partner!!!

  3. JennPGD

    Hi Randy,
    I like your website but you knew that already. 🙂 So, I saw your checklist and I have pinned it so I can go back to my pinterest board when I need tips on camping. Hope you don’t mind. 😀

    Blessings be upon you.

    • Randy

      Thank ya’, Jenn… you bless me! Pin away with my sincere appreciation! Thank ya’ for revisiting my site Jenn… again, I sure do appreciate ya’!

      Blessings upon you, also!


  4. Randy

    Thank ya’ Colm! It really takes a lot of hassle out of prepping for the trip when you have a great list to start with. My wife can be pretty into organization and came up with this list. It truly cuts way down on my prep time… makes the whole trip much more enjoyable. Hey, I sure do appreciate ya’ stopping by and checking it out!

  5. Colm

    This is awesome. I hike a lot but have only camped a few times so I’m not a very experienced camper.

    This year I plan to expand on my hiking adventures by going for longer periods and camping in the wild so I needed to start getting a list together of what I’d need on top of my hiking kit.

    I wasn’t sure where to start to be honest, this has saved me a lot of time … and likely pain 🙂



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