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Image of Patty easily catching her limit and showing it off.During our camping trips that involve fishing we are always painfully aware of the State of California Trout limits. We probably catch and release 95% of the time, but there are times that we get together with others in a campground and have a big ‘ol fresh fish fry.

The Mission…


Now, to prepare for this, we begin the day on a mission. Keeping Calif. fishing regulations in mind, that mission is to make sure that by the time the last chunk of freshly cleaned Trout hits the frying pan, every mouth and tummy will have their fill and be totally satisfied.

This means that we sometimes float right on the edge of the limits. If one limits out and they are still biting like crazy, how do you pull yourself away from them? Do you start pulling the smallest ones off of yours and everybody else’s stringers and putting the larger ones on?

What do ya’ do if there are more mouths and tummies to satisfy than there are fisherman hitting the fishing hole?

Adding to the Dilemna…


A sketch of two men in a boat netting their catch.One of the problems that campers often have to deal with is locals to the area coming into the campgrounds when the fish are biting and cleaning out your good fishing hole. Many times these locals know the game warden and where they won’t be on a particular day and they’ll throw the limits to the wind and go home with twice their limit, if not more.

So keeping the trout fishing regulations in California in mind, my question to you is this: with the fish fry happening in 5 or 6 hours and the fish biting like crazy, do you throw the ethics and limits to the wind and catch your 5, put ‘em on ice, and go again until you know that you’ll have enough for everyone?

Or, Door #2…


Or do you catch your limit, watch the locals come in and clean out your hole and then ya’ simply cook up some hot dogs for the poor souls that were craving some nice, freshly fried Trout, who incidentally, should have been fishing by your side in the first place?

Please let me know what ya’ think!

By RC Stude

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  1. Leo

    It’s been my expierance that you fish when the bite is on..usually a head count is done as well as number of legal licence holder in your group of folks.. most the time I myself assist my kids and other children first so the passion and excitement is enstiled in the youth..most the time the eger hungry smaller trout bite first anyway which are fun for the takes talent and skill to catch the big ol fish..there smarter..I usually run spinners and very lite line 4 to 6 lb.test.. So the game is more of a challenge and thrilling…with that being said it’s more sporty to land bigger fish with lite weight gear for for locals sweeping out the honey holes..keep in mind people are shifty and those folks are a good example of a bad example to our makes for a good opportunity to enlighten the kids on how not to be..the rules are for everyone and they are the adults we set the examples of moral value for our should always be truthful to themselves..and the honest fish tastes better..karma is always a killer..remember that cuz it’s Fer real..
    Good luck to all and happy angeling.
    I’m taking my little girls out tomorrow for dad’s day..Good Times..

    • Randy

      Ah, you’re right on the money partner! We do have a moral obligation to do the right thing, and especially if there are kids around whether they’re yours or not. We fish very similar in that my wife and I also use 4lb to 6lb line and very light poles. We don’t like missing the action so she’ll use the spinners and lures while I’ll go the bait route. I can usually nail down a few big ‘uns but the wife… she always nails down the big ones. And when she wears her little slipper it’s like they’re jumping outta the water screaming “Pick me, Pick me”!

      I don’t get it but she’s like the trout whisperer or something…LOL! Yup my friend, you are so right… campin’ with karma can really be a bugger! It’s hard enopugh tryin’ to keep up with my wife… (-;

      And if a few folks don’t get a bite of fresh trout and the ‘ol fish fry, well, they should have been down in the creek with us fishin’… right?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us… hopin’ your Father’s Day with those precious girls of yours just rocks!!!

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