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A link to Randy's YouTube review on the Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS-XB30 Review on YouTube

In the following best wireless speaker review we’ll be sharing with you why we feel that this is the best bluetooth outdoor speaker available today. Feel free to catch our review on YouTube.


The SRS-XB30’s Amazing Battery


If you like to dry camp as much as we do the amazing battery life on this Sony outdoor wireless speaker system will astound you. Our trip a few weeks ago had quite a few rainy days where we would either be in the rig or outside under the awning just waiting for the rain to stop.

Our XB-30 seemed to be going constantly from morning to 9:30 at night when we would turn it off and fire up a movie. We were gone for at least 11 days and we only charged it up twice on the whole trip… even then it takes such a low current to charge up that we could plug it into the inverter during XB-30 bluetooth speaker plugged into an inverter which is plugged into a 12 volt cigarette lighter plugthe night and not even put a noticeable drain on our rig’s batteries.


Speaking of Charging This Sony Outdoor Speaker


As I just mentioned charging the XB30 is simple using the 120v adapter and an inexpensive inverter when you’re dry camping. We charged ours during the night and by morning our voltmeter showed that we had only dropped from 12.5 to 12.4 which is our regular consumption considering that I use a CPAP machine every night.

Energy wise, the XB30 is extremely economical to use. When it is time to charge up this unit, a voice will announce it letting you know that it’s time to charge up! Charge time is only 4 hrs.


Pairing the XB30 With Your Media


Image of Samsung S7 pairing to the XB-30Pairing the SRS-XB30 is extremely easy to do. Simply enable bluetooth on your media, such as your smart phone or tablet and then press and hold the XB30’s On/Off button until the light indicates that pairing is taking place. You may have to select the XB30 on your media.

Then just adjust volumes on your media and the XB30. Pairing is absolutely that simple. If you have a media device with an Android system, the NFC feature is included in this outdoor speaker system.


The Sony Outdoor Wireless Speaker System is Ready to Party


This IPX5 rated water resistant Sony System comes with the capability of adding more speakers to it enabling a Stereo effect. It’s as easy as pressing and holding 2 buttons for 2 seconds to add additional XB speaker whether they be XB20’s, XB30’s or XB40’s… they’re all compatible within this amazing system.

Image of the outside cover of the box that the Sony SRS-XB30 comes in.With the great prices on these units, you could build quite a sound system for your indoors or outdoors parties. For that party effect this speaker comes with an “Extra Bass” button which gives you a whole bunch more deep, rich bass enhanced sound.

And if you hold this button down for a few seconds you will enable a built in light show with alternating colored lighting.


The Price is Right 


I think the most impressive thing is that the SRS-XB30 comes with all these features for less than $100 which totally makes this the best bluetooth outdoor speaker available today. We checked out everything else including the Bose speakers and for the money the XB30 is definitely the ticket.


Get More Info on the SRS-XB30 From Sony 


Again, for more information check out our SRS-XB30 review on YouTube or go to Amazon to see what the customers are actually saying. With a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, this product absolutely speaks for itself!

Price: $98.00 

Average Customer Rank: 4.2/5


  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple Battery Charging
  • Easily Add Speakers to System Capability
  • Can Charge Smart Phone Off of XB30
  • IPX5 Rated Water Resistant
  • Party Lights Feature
  • Extra Bass Feature


Where to buy:Amazon




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