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Unlike any other sporting goods store within 150 miles, Jim and Rick will actually give ya’ the latest ‘factual’ information, whether you’re bow hunting or going after trout from the Robinson, to the Twin Lakes, to Virginia Lakes or the infamous Walker River… and beyond!

Ken’s Sporting Goods is indeed the Gateway to the Walker River, and much, much more!

Now that Trout season is upon us, many of us anglers are watching the ads in the mailbox and asImage of Randy and Kaylee Girl fishing the Robinson. we sort through sporting goods ads we’re probably asking ourselves what the best freshwater fishing rods are. So we’re going to take a quick look at our experiences and talk about fishing rods briefly.

Our Equipment…

As you’ve seen throughout this website, our preferences are stream fishing but we are always around many beautiful, accessible trout stocked California lakes. We usually carry four rod and reel sets, two of them are our normal every day rigs and two of them are our backups which seem to come out quite often.

The Kencor…

I’ve used the same Kencor rod for close to 30 years. The action on it is probably pretty fast forImage of Kaylee Girl watching Randy fishing with his Kencor rod. some anglers but the sensitivity that it affords me keeps me from shopping around. When it’s time to go to the lake I simply mount a reel with a little larger spool on it and wind it with 6 to 8 lb test.

The Ugly Stick…

My wife uses an ‘Ugly Stick’ which has served her purpose fairly well. She predominately fishes with lures and prefers a little less sensitivity or speed. She uses a backup rig with 6 lb test if we stop off at a lake for some shore fishing. Our backup rigs are Shakespeare’s with medium speed, nothing fancy.

The Wizard of the Sierras…

Now on the other hand, probably my closest fishing partner other than my sweetheart, fishes with a rod that is probably 12 to 18 inches longer than my Kencor. I’m not sure if his is a Garcia rig or exactly what, but Jim loves the length because of his close proximity fishing around fallen logs and Image of The Wizard of the Eastern Sierras holding up an amazing catch.other stream blockages that would intimidate others. Of course, I’ve never, ever seen anyone that even comes close to pulling the amount of Trout out of streams that the ‘Wizard’ does.

The Bottom Line…

The good news is that the best fishing rod for you is the one that reacts exactly how you want it to when the action is at its height and you can always find that pole at a pretty reasonable price. I love my Kencor; not because it’s a very expensive rod but because it was a gift from my three children almost 30 years ago and it brings back a lot of memories when I pull it out. But I do have to admit that I love its sensitivity.

Another Topic for Another Time…

Fly rods are something that I haven’t experienced yet, never even attempted to work one in a stream. But stay tuned, the guys keep working me and I may just have to give in. The good thing about it is that my brother loves fly fishing and he’s always ready to go and teach me a few  things, but that’s another topic for another time!

By R.C. Stude


  1. ernie wardooski

    Wat m8? i used these rods for years

    • Randy

      Yup Ernie I feel your pain. I checked out the ones that resemble them now and they’re not even close to the Kencor in many ways. At the time I looked at the knock offs they were going for around $60USD. I just bought another Ugly Stick and put a decent reel on it and called it a day…(-;

      Hopin’ your fishin’ is awesome…


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