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Well, a few weeks ago I broke down, gave in and it found us beaching it in So Cal! Anyone that knows me Image of setting up our campsite with the Salem at Red Beach on Camp Pendleton.would probably be shocked but it had been so long since we had been camping, that my sweetheart convinced me that I would survive a little sand in my shoes and a little grit in my spit.

Hidden away on massive Camp Pendleton is a beach used by the Marines for military maneuvers and other activities. But when it’s not being used by the Marines on the weekends, it becomes one of the best places to camp in Southern California.

Activities here can include surf fishing, strolling the beach and there were even a couple of guys with some remote control airplanes buzzing over our heads. Swimming doesn’t appear to be allowed but if you’re surf fishing you are allowed to wade out and cast your line out.

Image of Sophie begging Patty for a comfortable place to hunker down.As it is at most of the best camping sites in Southern California, dogs are allowed here at this beach, but are required to be on a leash at all times, which probably isn’t a bad thing at this particular location. There were a bunch of dogs on the weekend that we were camping here and most dogs were on a leash most of the time.

Another consideration for you is the fact that if you want to build a campfire at this camping area, you’ll need something to build it in and keep it totally off and out of the sand. Many of the campers here use an old washing machine drum with legs attached to it that keep the unit off the surface of the sand and create a great containment for a campfire.

Another extremely important thing to consider is the road in to the beach area and the beach area itself. The road in can be pretty rutted and treacherous traversing and if your vehicle(s) have relatively low clearance to the ground, you might want to drive down there without your trailer or RV first to check it out.

Image of an incredible sunset on Red Beach.The last bit of info that you need to know is that annual permits to camp here are all acquired through the Game Warden’s office on base.

For more info on some of the best beach camping in Southern California, please leave me a comment requesting info and I’ll get all the contact information to you.

By R.C. Stude




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