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The first time we used one of these portable water tanks to transport fresh water to our camping trailer high in the Eastern Sierras on the Robinson Creek, I knew I was going to have to share a review on the 45 Gallon Folding Water Tank.

All of the items that you need to hook up to a hose for filling and then for draining into your equipment is included and simple to use. Easy instructions and a patch kit are also inside the package when you open it and you can actually watch me use this item in my review on YouTube!

One Quality Product…


Link to Randy's YouTube video review of this 45 Gallon Folding Water Tank.This item is made here in California by New World Mfg. Company. The material is thick and rugged but yet pliable and very easy to setup, use and then put back into the little box that it comes in. I really think that the construction of this item is impressive.

One of the unique features of this foldable water tank is its fairly small footprint . I have a Snugtop cover on the back of my pickup but I could easily transport it on the roof of the cab and have room left over. Many of the images that I’ve seen on the internet show this portable storage tank on the roof of vehicles.

Just a Bit Hard to Find…


Image of the outside box cover of this Fold-A-Tank 45 Gal. Folding Water TankSomething that I noticed while looking for more information on this portable water tank was that it was a bit hard to find. I believe that we first saw one at Camping World and began searching for some online reviews.

Ultimately we did purchase ours from Camping World, probably during an online special. While doing some price searching for this review, I did find one available from an Arizona dealer for quite a great discount.

A Bit More Info for Ya’…


More information is available on the dealer in Arizona over at the ‘Items You’ll Need’ page. One thing that I personally love about this product is that if I top it off I usually completely fill my trailer’s tank and have some left over for a 6 gallon container that I always take on our trips.

Again, if you would like to see this simple to use folding water tank in action, please Click Here to watch my YouTube review!

If you have a great option to toting those 50lb plus, 6 gallon containers around, we would all love to hear it… please don’t be shy!

By R.C. Stude






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