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A Real Owner’s Perspective…

Image of Alante 31V parked in front of house with a vehicle hooked up to the rear of it and ready to go camping.There are many Jayco Alante reviews , specifically Jayco Alante 31V reviews, but this time we’re going to give you a 2016 Jayco Alante 31V Owner’s Review and not the standard walk through from a dealership!

We picked ours up March 31, 2016 and have now taken it on four small trips around southern California just working out the bugs and we are mightily impressed with this entry level Jayco RV motorhome.

Through the years we had been hoping for and planning for one day being able to upgrade from a travel trailer to a motor home that would still be able to go to all of our favorite fishing holes and still be able to travel to see friends across the ‘States’. Our needs and desires probably differ greatly from the ‘full timers’ that you’ll see in the big three axle coaches in the various RV resorts from coast to coast.

Counters, Tanks and Steering Wheels…

Link to Randy's YouTube video of Jayco Alante 31V Owner's ReviewIf you’ve been reading along here at you’ll know that we have thoroughly enjoyed each unit that we’ve owned from the Rockwood pop up to the recent Salem 21FBS which we were totally in love with.

In fact, when we started looking for a motor home, all we really wanted was our 21FBS with more counter space, larger holding tanks and a motor and steering wheel!

Since approximately 95% of our camping is dry camping, the tank sizes were a huge thing and it was extremely difficult finding a 30 to 31 foot RV with halfway decent tank sizes. We had bought our Salem from Richardson’s RVs in Riverside previously and knew a few of the guys there so we felt an obligation to at least do a walk through and see what they offered.

Just Had to Have Another Look…

But after visiting all of the big name dealers in the Inland Empire we had to go back and take another look at the Jayco Alante 31V.

Then we saw this Jayco Class A motorhome with full body paint and our jaws dropped. This unit had the exact floor plan of our dreams and NO decals… just paint. We couldn’t believe it and started Image of Alante 31V at the dealership moments before bringing it home.talking about it seriously with Joe at the Riverside store.

Even though this was Jayco’s entry level 31 foot motor home, it had it all… tons of compartments, including two pass-throughs and really decent tanks… 72 gallon fresh water, 50 gallon black water and 40 gallon gray water.

With a fuel tank of around 80 gallons, we were set to go.

Entry Level but Much, Much More…

As you saw in our video review, my Sweetheart showed ya’ the tons of cabinets inside from the front door to the rear window. You also saw how not only do you have a nice rear window in the bedroom but a spacious window in the bathroom.

On top of all of that, I believe that this 2016 Alante 31V currently has the largest windshield in the industry. If you like camping on the beach, you’re gonna fall in love with your captain’s chairs. I used to always wonder why our friends would sit outside with us in our little beach chairs for a while and then disappear inside their RV. Now… I totally get it!!!

Another pretty great feature is the outdoor entertainment center. With a great media player and tv, you’ll love the rich sound coming out of these speakers. Whether you want to watch a movie or just listen to music from your many different media sources, this entertainment center will develop into one of your favorite features in this entry level motor home.

Guy’s Stuff…

Auto Leveling

Auto Leveling

Needless to say, as my wife mentioned in the video review, I absolutely love pulling into a campsite space and just turning on the auto leveler and hitting the ‘Auto’ button and waiting for this RV to level itself. I’d never experienced this before and still just can’t get over it!

A few of the things that we added are two 6V golf cart batteries, a 160w solar panel with controller and two inverters… one on the tv in the living quarters and one on the tv in the bedroom.

Steven at Richardson’s Service Center also set us up with 12v receptacles at each of the inside tv’s and on the side of the bed for my CPAP machine which provides 24 hour 12v for music and tv while dry camping and power for my CPAP all night long.

Two other great additions are the Blue Ox Towbar units and the RVIBrake 2 Braking System for towed vehicles. After watching some folks at the different campgrounds hooking up and disconnecting their tow vehicles, I was pretty apprehensive about towing a vehicle but these two systems make it an absolute breeze, thanks to Rory at Riverside Hitch and Trailer in Riverside, Ca.

A Few Cons… or Maybe Not…

Well, let’s talk about the cons! This unit sits a little lower to the ground than some of the other RV’s on the market and is mounted on 19.5″ tires as opposed to 22.5″ tires. But it does come with the J-Ride system which includes sway bars, Bilstein shocks and jounce bumpers.

The tire alignment is decent but minimally set as are most motorhomes new off the lot and you’ll want to have the front tires aligned as soon as you can at a truck and RV shop equipped for this.

We had ours aligned by the folks at Redlands Truck and RV where you get nothing but quality work time after time. If you’re in the So. Cal area or just passing through you’ll want to take your rig to them for all your chassis, alignment, stabilizing and equipment repair needs.

This unit also does not come with an inverter like it’s sibling the Jayco Precept so you’ll want to plan accordingly and if ordering from the factory just have them install the 1000w unit that they put in the Precepts before delivery.

The only other con that I can think of is that the fresh water tank doesn’t have a large drain on it. It does have a smaller drain which takes a while if you ever need to drain it.

Image of the control panel for the water system including the intakes for fresh water and the sanitizing system.

Tank Sanitizer

A cool thing about the black water tank is that it does come with the tank rinser where you just hook up a hose and turn the water on and it’ll clean the inside of the black water tank.

There are many other things that we love about our 2016 Jayco Alante 31V but these are the main things for right now.

Great Salesmen, Great Service Depts…

One of the coolest things I have to mention is that we made the sale contingent on being able to get this specific unit up our curb and across our lawn into the back yard area where we have an RV parking spot.

Joe our salesman at Richardson’s in Riverside brought an Alante 31V out to our house and allowed us to work out the bugs of getting it parked before we made the deal. Ya’ just can’t beat that kinda service… really quality!

Along with a great sale ya’ need a great service department! Fortunately we’ve also scored with some great service writers over the years like Steven in Richardson’s Riverside service center. There are tons of nightmare stories from Thompson’s RV, Giant RV, Dennis Dillon RV and many, many more.

When you do find that perfect RV, double check the reputation of the service center that you’re going to be chained to. We’re covered for two years and know we’ll be visiting the service center upon occasion, but we rest assured that things will always be done in a timely fashion.

Please Let Us Know What You’re Thinking…

If you have any questions or comments on this 2016 Alante owners review , please just let us know. We absolutely love talking about our new addition and are thoroughly pleased with our Jayco RV. If you haven’t seen our review on YouTube, be sure and check it out now…

Link to Randy's YouTube video on the 2016 Jayco Alante 31V Owner's Review Please stay tuned, we’ll be adding more details when they come to mind!


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