Curb Ramps for RV

New House, New Parking…


Curb Ramps 2Around a year ago we moved into the last home that we plan on buying and quickly discovered a need for some curb ramps for RV parking. One of the key features that we loved about this property when we found it was the larger parking area in front of the house for the trailer. The other outstanding feature that we fell in love with was the additional large RV parking on the side of the house safely behind a fence and gate!

Now that it’s a year later and we finally have that fence rebuilt with a new double gate large enough to easily fit the trailer or motorhome through, it’s time to put a plan together and take advantage of that RV parking area.  However, this requires traversing the curb and lawn and triggered a pretty healthy search for a reasonable way to get up over an 8 inch city curb.
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Review and Maintenance for the Smarter Tools 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

YouTube Video AP2000iQThe Smarter Tools 2000 watt inverter generator is one of the brightest stars among the newer lightweight portable generators available today. We’ll give you our short opinion on the AP2000iQ and then move on to some even more helpful information.

If you’ve tried to find information on the internet regarding this generator you may have had a tough time. One thing that I noticed is that there are very few Smarter Tools Generator reviews available. Also there doesn’t seem to be any maintenance help for the AP2000iQ  and we are going to try and remedy this today! Continue reading

How To Fillet a Rainbow Trout

Trout in FoodSaver Bags

Frozen Trout In FoodSaver Bags

For several years now I have wanted to learn how to fillet a Rainbow trout. Three or four years ago my wife and I decided to bring back the majority of the trout that we caught on our annual eastern Sierra camping and fishing trip.

So we took our Food Saver and vacuum packed many of our ‘keepers’. By the time we got home our freezer was just jammed full of trout and I remember frequently thinking that there had to be a better way.

Nothing Like Good Neighbors…


Even then I had a ‘How to Fillet Fish’ video on my laptop but when trying to follow it I continually annihilated every single trout I attempted to fillet. However, this year things turned for the better. Continue reading

Camping With a CPAP Machine

CPAP Machine 2Having recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea the thought of camping with a CPAP machine was to say the least, daunting. The first thing that I did was to go to and do a search on ‘CPAP’.  Once my search results started rolling in I realized that there was a good chance of finding something that might work for me for a trip that was a bit longer than just a weekend.

The Trial Run…


My next move was to take my CPAP machine out to our Salem 21FBS, pull the little 400w inverter out of the cabinet, plug it into the cigarette lighter receptacle and then plug my Respironics System One CPAP machine into the inverter. At that point I just let it run for around 9 to 10 hours. Continue reading

Do Bears Climb Trees?

So you’ve been to the zoo or maybe you’ve been camping and you’ve seen those big bulky bears just lumbering along and you’re wondering in your mind, “do bears climb trees”?


A Sudden Encounter…


TravelerAbout a month ago we were camping on Rock Creek in the Eastern Sierras. I put a leash on my Kaylee girl, we headed out for a walk and went through the opening in the bushes between our campsite and our neighbor’s.

Suddenly Kaylee and I froze… about 15 feet in front of us was a mama bear coming across the creek right at us. Then Kaylee let out a bunch of healthy barks and all three of us took off the other way!


This mama bear had been in and out of our campsites for the whole time we’d been camping there, sometimes twice a day and I really should have expected her at anytime. She had even cleaned out some folks goodies right after arriving and getting everything unpacked and safely stowed in the bear box! Continue reading